Dynic Labs, Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to provide switch mode, analog, power electronic design, and manufacturing capabilities to companies needing high reliability solutions. Dynic Labs, Inc. supplies customers with products that are capable of performing in extreme environments. We produce a full range of motor controllers and motor accessory electronics.

The engineering staff at Dynic Labs, Inc. has a heritage of design expertise gained by experience on programs requiring high reliability in severe environments. These applications include naval weapons, strategic bombers, Special Forces and fighter aircraft, missiles, hyper velocity test beds, tracked vehicles, and down hole. Our background includes engineering at the system level. We firmly believe this unique supplier perspective brings an added value to the design process and to our products that is rarely available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Our expertise in power electronics ranges from state of the art brushless motor drives, high-density power supplies, current drive amplifiers, induction motor controllers, stepper drives, as well as rate and position controls for a variety of environments. We also deal in motion sensor interfaces, and other very special purpose interface, control, and sensor electronics. The products listed on our site are only a representation of our capabilities and not the limits of our abilities as an electronics provider.