Our Current Capabilities:

Switchmode Power Electronics.  High efficiency Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and spectacular response switchmode electronics is the starting point for our company.  Our knowledge and experience in this arena can help you produce a product that keeps on working the way it should.

Analog Power Electronics.  We design, produce, and support analog control systems and circuitry.  This time tested approach results in inherently EMI quiet electronics while providing high bandwidth performance.

Sinusoidal Brushless DC Motor Drives.  When the full smoothness of a Sinusoidal Brushless Drive is what is called for, we can produce the electronics as either a PWM amplifier or Linear Drive for lower power applications.  We have both three phase and two phase Sine Drives.

Trapezoidal Brushless DC Motor Drives.  Often applications use trapezoidally wound brushless motors, we provide brushless drive amplifiers for these; Dynic Labs, Inc. can provide either two or three phase controllers.

Multi Output Power Supplies

Digital and Analog Command Interface.  We can support whatever interface you choose; from the simple analog command to serial and parallel interfaces.

Solenoid Valve Current Drives, Extended Bandwidth, Overdrive.  Dynic Labs, Inc. supplies current drives for solenoid operated valves.  Our high speed switchmode current drives take advantage of available voltage to force current into the solenoid and improve response time of the valve overall.

Torque Motor Current Drives, Extended Bandwidth, Overdrive.  We produce both Linear and PWM Torque Motor Servo Amplifiers that feature voltage overdrive not just fast enough to overcome the back EMF integrator, but to push out the inductive pole as well.

Induction Motor Drives and Controls.  Induction servo motors are an attractive option for many applications.  Dynic Labs, Inc. provides several servo amplifier drive options including a switchmode 3 Phase Drive and Standard Control Phase amplifiers.

Closed Loop Servo Control.  Dynic Labs, Inc. provides closed loop position servos as well as Rate Controls and Ultra Smooth Rate Controls designed to meet Low WOW and FLUTTER requirements.

Digitally Clocked Rate Controls.   For precise rate servos we can provide digitally clocked rate servos.

Precision Analog Rate Controls.  Certain applications are required to be software free, yet capable of very high precision.  Dynic Labs, Inc. can provide controls that meet this need.  These controllers can provide clocked outputs for rate verification.  

Software Controlled Step Locked Positioners.  These position controllers perform like stepper motors, but do not miss steps.

Teachable Digital Positioners.  When coordinated multi-axis control is needed, we can provide teachable Digital Position control Servos.

Stepper Motor Drives.  Dynic Labs, Inc. produces a “two legs tied” three phase stepper motor drive. 

Sensor Interfaces, Tachometer, LVDT, Resolver, Synchro and
Electromagnetic Field Director to Hall Converter

EMI Power Filters

Motor Specification/Selection Support.  Dynic Labs, Inc. has the ability to lead this task in order to create a motor-gearhead-control combination that performs to your standards.