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404 Series PWM Stepper Motor Driver

(404) Stepper Motor Drive
Stepper Motor Driver
(Not to Scale)
3 Phase Stepper Motor Drive Summary:
This Series of Motor Drivers is a 4 Channel, configurable 10A driver that employs programmable logic to create a flexible, pin selectable, control that can be used in a variety of applications including 3 phase stepper motors, induction motors, brushless motors, 2 phase stepper motors. The pin selectable feature allows identical controls to be used in multiple applications.

Defense, Industrial, Automotive
Positioning, Velocity, Solenoid Valve Control, PWM Proportional Control.

Product Specifications
Input Power:
Continuous Output:
10 Amps
Peak Output:
15 Amps
.63" H X 3.05" L X 2.55" W
Operating Temperature:
-45 to +85°C
Base Conductive Cooling


bulletUnit is TTL/CMOS threshold compatible
bulletPulse Width Modulation of Outputs up to 20 kHz
bullet+/- 28 VDC Enable, Direction and Step Interface Range
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