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304 Series 3 Phase Stepper Motor Drive

(304) 3 Phase Stepper Motor Drive
3 Phase Stepper Motor Drive
(Not to Scale)
3 Phase Stepper Motor Drive Summary:
This rugged unit provides an obedient 3 phase stepper motor drive with enable modulation control. The Drive can operate continuously at up to 40 VDC input power with a 5 amp output. It is available in the automotive temperature range.

Defense, Industrial, Automotive
Positioners, 3 Phase Induction Motors, and Speed Control

Product Specifications
Input Power:
10 to 40 VDC
Continuous Output:
5 Amps
Peak Output:
8 Amps
.9" H X 2" L X 2" W
Operating Temperature:
-45 to +90°C
Base Cooled Package


bulletUnit is TTL/CMOS threshold compatible
bulletEnable Modulation of Outputs up to 20 kHz
bullet-18 to +36 VDC Enable, Direction and Step Interface Range
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