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202 Series 1 Axis Induction Motor Drive

(202) 1 Axis Induction Motor Drive
1 Axis Induction Motor Drive
(Not to Scale)
1 Axis Induction Motor Drive Summary:
This amplifier provides low distortion power drive in a class AB push-pull topology and operates directly from aircraft 28 VDC power. It is available in a variety of gain and frequency settings at either 90 or 0 degree phase shift.

Combat Aircraft

Product Specifications
Input Power:
28 VDC MIL STD 704A Limited to 50VDC Peak Transient
Input Signal:
400 Hz
Gain Range:
10 Volts/Volt to 1500 Volts/Volt
Output Power:
100 Watts/Channel
Current Limit:
5 Amps Nominal
2.5 oz
.9" H X 2.5" L X 1.5" W
Operating Temperature:
-55 to +95°C
Thermally Conductive Aluminum Case
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