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114 Series Linear Current Mode Amplifier

(114) Linear Current Mode Amplifier
Linear Current Mode Amplifier
(Not to Scale)
Linear Current Mode Amplifier Summary:
This high bandwidth current amplifier provides fixed current gain into inductive loads. The 60 kHz internal BW has been sufficient to push the inductive pole of many torque motors out to 7 kHz, thereby providing an amplifier/torquer combination with a roll-off that primarily depends on the mechanics of the system load over the frequencies of interest. Dynic Labs, Inc. can tailor this and our other designs to optimize the performance of the combination. This series is ideal for optics applications.

Combat Aircraft

Product Specifications
Input Power:
+/- 30 VDC, RET
Output Voltage Range:
108 Vpp @ 3 Amps: Near Rail to Rail at Lower Currents
Current Gain:
Transconductance Setting #1 is .6 A/V
Setting #2 is .3 A/V +/- 5%
12.2 oz
.875" H X 3.25" L X 3.05" W
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +85°C
Thermally Conductive Aluminum Case


bullet2 kV ESD Hardening
bullet4 Quadrant Performance
bulletGreater than 5 kHz into 15 mH Load
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