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103 Series 3 Phase Synchro to Hall Converter
(Hall Modem)

(103) 3 Phase Synchro to Hall converter (hall modem)
3 Phase Synchro to Hall Converter
(Not to Scale)
3 Phase Synchro to Hall Converter Summary:
The 103 Series Hall Modem provides a complete solution for conversion of synchro format field directors to Hall Sensor format. The unit operates from 5 VDC logic power, provides excitation and demodulation of synchro format field directors, and conversion to TTL compatible outputs. 103 Series Hall Modems support both 120 and 60 degree coding. It is available as an encapsulated module or an openframe assembly for downhole.

Defense, Industrial, Automotive

Product Specifications
Input Power:
5 VDC +/-.25
TTL 120 and 60 Degree Hall Outputs
1.1 oz.
.41" H X 2.3" L X 1.2" W
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +150°C
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